ZX Chapter History

1954 - 1965:


The Mighty Zeta Chi Chapter - Fort Lauderdale, Florida was chartered April 26, 1954 by seven Omega Men as the cornerstone to service, empower and uplift the many local communities throughout Broward County. Chartered Members: Bro. T.J. Reddick Bro. Henry Robinson Bro. C.R.A. Bank. Bro. Dr. Brown Bro. Joseph Smith Bro. Dewitt Allen Bro. William Howard Bro. John F. Potts served as the 22nd Grand Basileus (1953–1955) and Brother J. T. Brooks 1940-1965 served as the 2nd Seventh District Representative as the Zeta Chi Chapter a newly chartered chapter joined Omega's nationwide social action thrust to uplift and empower local communities. Also, joining thousands of Omega men and community leaders nationwide in partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to fight and eliminate racial discrimination. In 1961 Zeta Chi Chapter participated locally alongside other Broward community leaders and residents in series of protests, wade-ins, at beaches off-limits to African Americans and failure of the county to build a road to the Negro beach. ​


1966 -1975:


The Zeta Chi Chapter and the fraternity as whole experienced a drop membership during the Vietnam War and with the chartering of a new local chapter in Pompano, Florida. Not deterred by membership numbers, Brothers continued efforts to bring about social justice and equality throughout Broward County. Many Chapter Brothers along with Omega Men nationwide who fought during the Vietnam War to free a foreign land from tyranny, where met with social injustice and treatment upon returning home to the United States. The Zeta Chi Chapter continued to be entrenched in the fight for Civil Rights locally and nationally.


1976 - 1985:


The Zeta Chi Chapter experienced a growth in chapter membership with the initiation of new members, reclaimation and Brothers relocating / tranfering into the chapter. Brothers continued to serve in various leadership roles with the Broward County School Board, local government and judicial system. In 1982 Govenor Bob Graham appointed Brother Zebedee Wright as the First Black County Court Judge in Broward County. Brother Thomas J. Reddick - was the first Black attorney to open an office and practice law in Broward County. Zeta Chi Chapter Brothers joined with other prominent Black Attorneys formed the T.J. Reddick Bar Association to afford African American and minorities equal access into law firms as attorneys/partners, court appointments in civil or criminal cases, appointments to judgeships in Broward County, Florida. ​1986 - 1995: The Brothers of the Zeta Chi Chapter continued to provide leadership within the fraternity and throughout Broward County.


The Zeta Chi Chapter established the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Educational and Benevolent Fund, Inc. (501 C 3 status) to fund college scholarships and raise fund to contribute to other organizations. ​Brother / Dr. Malcom Black was a pioneer with the implementation of online registration by the Broward College Admissions and Registration. He was honored by former Florida Governor Bob Graham for his outstanding service to the State of Florida. He is the recipient of proclamations and letters from such notables as Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Congressman Alcee L. Hastings, Former President William Jefferson ʻBillʼ Clinton, President George W. Bush, the Broward County Commission, Florida Senator Mandy Dawson, Former Mayor Joseph M. Mause and the Oakland Park City Commission, and Mayor Jim Naugle and the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.


Brother Dorsey Miller Jr. was elected as the 35th Grand Basileus at the Cleveland Grand Conclave in 1994. He was the 1st Brother to be elected to the office of 2nd Vice Grand Basileus and Grand Basileus. His administration closed the sale of the property at 3951 Snapfinger Parkway, which is the site of new international headquarters.


Brother Joseph C. Carter - First Director of Sunland Park and Recreation was known as a pioneer with the introduction of Playday. Playday provided community youths the opportunity to participate in track and field events. In 1994 Brother Carter was honored by Broward County Parks and Recreation with the renaming Sunland Park to Joseph C. Carter Park to honor his commitment as community leader and  youth development. Under his leadership and version, a number of professional athletes grew up developing their skills at Carter Park including NFL players Michael Irvin, Bennie and Brian Blades. Today, Playday at Carter Park is known as David Deal Playday honor with a week long celebration.


1996 - 2005:


The Zeta Chi Chapter hosted the 59th Seventh District Meeting. Bro. George Grace was the 7th District Representative and Bro. Anthony Wright served as Chapter Basileus. Leadership transition ushered in Brother Basileus -Johnnie Smith Jr. as the Zeta Chi Chapter celebrated its 50th Year Anniversary and continued service to Broward County. The 50th Anniversary was celebrated in grand fashion with a banquet dinner where Brother Robert McKinzie served as Master of Ceremony. To mark the 50th Year Anniversary, Brothers celebrated the awarding of over $100,000.00 in College Scholarships to Graduating High School Seniors of Broward County.

In 2001, under the directions and guidance of Brother Anthony Wright , Brother Cyrus Pettis and with the commitment of other Zeta Chi Brothers, the Zeta Chi Chapter purchased the second of two fraternity houses located 1108 NW 6 Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Brother Johnnie Smith structured a Chapter Life Membership and a workable business plan with the sole purpose to burn the mortgage loan within 5 years. Brother Robert McKinzie and Brothers were instrumental in renovation and building improvement projects.

Recommitted to fight social injustices throughout Broward County and to further advance the local interest of African Americans, Zeta Chi Chapter aligned and partnered with the NAACP as a Silver Life Member.

2006 - Present:

The Zeta Chi Chapter initiated the Lamplighters Male Mentorship Program in partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to further impact and mentor male youths throughout Broward County.

Brother / Dr. Mack King Carter, Senior Pastor of the New Mount Olive Baptist Church delivered his final sermon as Senior Pastor of the 10,000 member congregation. Under Carter's leadership, he established a television ministry that was broadcasted nationally and internationally. He also created the Mount Olive Development Corporation (MODCO) which is a faith-based organization whose mission was to revitalize low and moderate income communities by providing strategic programs that promote economic development, create jobs and focus on strengthening families through Public Service, Affordable Housing, and Entrepreneurial Ventures. Brother Carter was recognized as one of the country's greatest Theologians.

The Zeta Chi Chapter was awarded small Chapter of the Year for the State of Florida under the leadership of Brother Basileus Efrem Crenshaw. The Zeta Chi Chapter dwelled in unity with Fraternity Brothers worldwide in celebration of 100th Anniversary of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. in Washington D.C. Zeta Chi Brothers gathered at the Sun Dial located Howard University to commemorate and salute the birth place of the fraternity.

The chapter celebrated 60 years of service and financial membership growth from a small chapter to a large chapter under the transition leadership of Brother Basileus Anthony Williams.

Under current leadership of Brother Basileus-Jonathan Gaines, Zeta Chi Chapter continues to experience growth in financial membership through membership intake, reclamation and transfer Brothers. The eldest financial member of the Zeta Chi Chapter with 60 years of service, Brother Malcolm and Mrs. Black donated $10,000 to the Zeta Chi Chapter to retire the fraternity house mortgage loan. The Zeta Chi Chapter is honored to join the ranks of only a few chapters throughout the Que Nation that owns a Fraternity House / Facility Center mortgage free. The Zeta Chi Chapter continues to expand its leadership role to service Broward Community through community partnerships with the City of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Schools, American Cancer Society, Fort Lauderdale Police, NAACP and the TJ Reddrick Association.

The Zeta Chi Chapter stands honored to be awarded and to serve as host chapter for the 80th Seventh District Meeting in Weston, Florida. The Zeta Chi Chapter continue to provide leadership in serving Omega on the state and district levels with Brother Johnnie Smith - 7th District Keeper of Finance, Brother Anthony Wright State of Florida Keeper of Finance and District Marshall, Brother Jonathan Gaines - 7th District Chairman Fatherhood & Mentorship Committee. Government and Community Leadership with Brother Robert McKinzie - Commissioner City of Fort Lauderdale, Brother Johnnie Smith - First and Only Black H&R Block Franchise owner in the State of Florida, Brother Brian Johnson - Commissioner City of West Park , Brother Newton Sanon - CEO of OIC, Florida & Brother Bobby Henry - Broward’s oldest and largest African American owned and operated Newspaper. To date, Zeta Chi Chapter has awarded over $150,000 in College Scholarships to deserving High School Seniors of Broward County.

We are Zeta Chi Chapter - Chartered 1954

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